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I  am a 1994 graduate of Waller High School.  I attended Blinn Jr. College and then Sam Houston State University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Academic Studies.  I have taught in Waller ISD, at Holleman Elementary, for the past 15 years. 

My conference time is 1:00-1:50 Monday through Friday.  You may contact me by phone @ 936-372-9196 or by email jmacha@wallerisd.net 
    I am a teacher. A teacher is someone who leads. There is no magic here. I do not walk on water, I do not part the sea, I just love children.
                                               ~Marva Collins~

   A good teacher is like a candle-it consumes itself to light the way for others.
                                                                                                                 ~Author Unknown~

   I believe that it is my duty as a teacher, to provide the best learning environment possible. This means that I must do everything in my power to ensure that my students feel safe, loved, and confident.  In today's world, many children live a hard life.  It is my job to make sure that school is not hard for them as well.   My wish is to have every student perform to their full potential and be happy in the process.  My goal is that each of my students love learning as much as I love teaching them to learn! 
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